Welcome!! We are so excited that you are interesting in Young Living Essential Oils.  I would love to help you begin your journey to health and wellness with Young living. 

What are essential oils? We recommend that you start here and begin reading what they are all about.

Why choose Young Living? Young Living has been around for more than 20 years and they offer their Seed to Seal Promise on their essential oils.

Once you join our team, you gain a huge community of wonderful people to help guide you through those first weeks of using your Young Living Products and beyond. We have Facebook Groups where you can hang out, ask questions, and find inspiration on how to use your oils and more.

We would love to have you join our team.

To enroll with my group, The Oily Standard, click this link and make sure the number 2130206 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.

Signing up as a Member/distributor, you will get 24% off retail prices which is incentive alone!

Remember, Young Living will rewards each person under their compensation plan for taking the time to share the oils with you and invest in your oils journey.

If you are joining my team, two things that I recommend:

One is purchasing the $160 Premium Starter Kit and picking an Essential Rewards kit.

The premium starter kits offer the best BANG for your buck. Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit, which includes the Dewdrop diffuser (Bamboo, Rainstone & Aria Diffusers are also available with the kits for an additional costs, choose your diffuser at checkout) 11 everyday essential oils including, Lavender 5-ml, Peppermint 5-ml, Lemon 5-ml, Copaiba 5-ml, Thieves® 5-ml, R.C.™ 5-ml, Frankincense 5-ml, Purification® 5-m, DiGize™ 5-ml, PanAway® 5-ml, Stress Away™ 5-ml. You will also receive several samples with your kit.

Looking to start working towards a chemical free home!?! Another Premium Starter Kit option would be the Thieves Premium Starter Kit:

Which includes: 15-ml Thieves, Thieves AromaBright™ Toothpaste, Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, 2 Thieves Household Cleaner, 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 2 Thieves Spray, 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 5-ml Stress Away™, and assorted samples.

Make sure you choose the member/distributor option for those lower ordering prices! By purchasing a rewards kit you are signing up for a monthly ordering program that give you the ability to earn points for free products, enjoy reduced shipping costs, and plan out your family’s oily budget. Plus, if you are a part of this monthly program you are able to receive commissions off of growing your own business (Optional).

OPTION ONE// Member // (click here) – recommended

  • No renewal fee; simply purchase a minimum of $50pv of product per year and your account stays active
  • No order minimum – order whenever you like, as often as you like at 24% off retail prices
  • Although Young Living calls their Members “Distributors” this does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils and there is absolutely no pressure to do so – ever.
  • Member number to share with friends; if they order using your member number, you’ll receive compensation (but, again, enrolling as a “Distributor” does NOT mean that you have to share oils with anyone)

OPTION TWO//Retail Customer// (click here)

  • No starter kit required.
  • Order products whenever you would like (but pay 24% more than a wholesale customer).

I love that these are both options because it makes it all about the products without any pressure whatsoever to “share” oils. However, I doubt you would regret enrolling as a Member (“Distributor”). The Starter Kit investment is very quickly recovered with the savings off of retail pricing.







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